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The Studio was established in 1999 by
Cate Robinson and Stephen Cornwell.
While our directorship remains the same, our creative services have evolved to reflect the pace of change.
We happily relinquished our “carbon heavy” CBD office after a decade of great service and now, like many, we're driven by megabits per second, flexible mobility, laptops, wifi and mobile devices. After all, the ideas aren't in the office... they're in our heads.
Everything you've seen on this site is personally conceived and created by the two of us. We don't farm [ideas] out or subcontract. We're passionate about your enquiries and we want to reward you and your business with the best possible outcomes.
Winning print / marketing and branding awards comes with a passion. We've always co-produced work like this but now we've evolved to doing it in a more flexible and relaxed [virtual] space.
It's a really nice way to work :-)

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Artwork by
Stephen Cornwell

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