Delivering powerful creative solutions


"Design is the foundation of everything... from the Fibonacci spirals of nature to Jonathan Ive's

iMac or the shape of a noodle box.


If you can pull, squeeze, twist and push ideas, motifs, textures, history, colours and concepts to develop a cohesive “thing” that represents the future of a product or service, then you’ve grasped it.  


Aim at keeping it fresh and distinctive with a clear message.

That's what we do."

...and we have an extensive history of creating powerful printed matter for press, magazines, direct mail inserts, teaser campaigns, point of purchase displays, presentation packages...

most things you can image and we use hi-end print suppliers and industrial  photographers, aerial and videographers to back us up and bring it all together.

[cate robinson]


Identity & Branding

"When you’re designing a “Brand Identity”, the final "resolved" outcome will normally be more than just creating one single asset / device. You would normally be considering a range of significant elements from the outset.

In the case of a brand creation, a parent device should be supported by a family of related “standards”. These standards might manifest in the form of a strap line or positioning statements. The relevance of these text considerations should be considered (from the outset) as part of the developmental process of the parent device and may often affect the final “resolved” outcome of that device. Other “standards” components will usually include shapes, and formalised colour palettes. The parent brand device might evolve into a graphic icon or a logo-type device, a symbolic shape or a fusion of these. It might also include animation or significant (even trade marked) sounds if it needs multimedia or online considerations.

That's the beauty of it.
The creative process should draw on every facet of a clients unique business fingerprint and the resulting identity you create should be uniquely referenced and imotive."


[stephen cornwell]



GUI/Interactive Design

Graphic User Interface design for mobile devices is our most recent service.There are two basic elements to creating software applications for mobile devices.

The programming / code and the graphical / visual interface that the user sees and interacts with.

We do both.

Feel free to drop us an email to ask questions about how it all happens and how we can help you develop your idea :-)